Jimmy CummingsJimmy Cummings
CEO, Writer & Producer

Jimmy Cummings’ skills as a producer, writer, actor/acting coach and executive have earned him a distinct place in the entertainment industry as someone with a keen eye for talent and projects. He founded Broadvision Entertainment to develop and produce a slate of movies and TV series across multiple genres that will appeal to audiences around the world, particularly in the United States and China. Over his 25-year career in the industry, Jimmy has created and helped drive the successful creation of a multitude of projects, including the feature movies Southie, “The Sixth Sense”, “The Fighter” and “How Sweet It Is”; and Comedy Central’s breakout hit television show “Workaholics”. (MORE)


Jean Su

Jean Su
President & Producer

Jean Su co-founded Broadvision Entertainment in 2014 to develop and produce a slate of movies and TV series across multiple genres that will appeal to audiences around the world, particularly in the United States and China. Jean is the Executive Producer of “Grey Lady“, a multimillion dollar crime thriller starring Eric Dane (Grey’s Anatomy, The Last Ship) that will be released theatrically in April, 2017. Broadvision Entertainment produced “Grey Lady” in association with Beacon Pictures, and is driving the release of the movie theatrically with Lionsgate. Jean raised the finishing funds for “Grey Lady”, and created the marketing strategy for the movie’s release with Tony Scott. (MORE)


A.W. "Tony" ScottA.W. “Tony” Scott
Chief Creative Officer, Writer & Producer

A.W. “Tony” Scott began screenwriting after a career as one of the world’s leading consultants to companies at the intersection of media and digital technologies, and a successful Venture Capital investor with multiple exits through IPOs and acquisitions. Tony’s first screenplay “At Last” won multiple screenwriting competitions, and was named one of the top 10 drama scripts and top 30 scripts across all genres on the Blacklist.com in 2013 (out of over 5000 scripts). He optioned two other screenplays, and in 2015 his script “The House” was named best screenplay in the UCLA Graduate Film School’s Professional Programs. (MORE)


Jim CardwellJim Cardwell
Distribution Executive

Jim Cardwell leads Broadvision’s distribution division Broadvision Entertainment Releasing (BER). He was formerly President (worldwide) of the world’s largest home video distribution company, Warner Home Video, from 2002 to 2006. A $5.5 billion global operation with 1,700 employees and 25 subsidiaries, Warner Home Video’s revenue stream and profitability increased by 10-35% each year and maintained #1 market share in the home entertainment industry during his tenure as President. Jim created two new divisions (TV on DVD and Special Interest), which each contributed $1.5 billion in annual sales in less than three years. (MORE)


John Shea 10KBJohn Shea
Director, Writer & Producer

John Shea is an actor, writer and director.  He co-wrote (with Jimmy Cummings), directed and appeared in the film Southie, which won the Jury Award for Best Independent Film at the 1998 Seattle International Film Festival.  He recently directed The Grey Lady, working with cinematographer Andrzej Bartkowiak and co-starring Jimmy Cummings.  As an actor, John is primarily known to TV audiences for his recurring role as the evil Lex Luthor in the early 90s Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman TV series. (MORE)


Andrzej BartkowiakAndrzej Bartkowiak
Director, Cinematographer & Executive Producer

Andrzej Bartkowiak is an award-winning Cinematographer and Director. He was the cinematographer for Terms of Endearment, the winner of the Academy Award winner in 1984 for Best Picture, and for two other Best Picture Oscar nominees:The Verdict and Prizzi’s Honor. As cinematographer, he has also collaborated with noted film directors James L. Brooks, Joel Schumacher, William Friedkin and Roger Donaldson.  Other movies he has been Cinematographer on include:  DeathtrapNutsTwinsFamily BusinessFalling Down, SpeedA Good Man in AfricaLosing IsaiahJadeThe Mirror Has Two FacesDante’s PeakThe Devil’s AdvocateU.S. Marshals, and Lethal Weapon 4. (MORE)


Shouhua Qi
Development Executive

A native of Nanjing (Nanking), China, Qi is the co-screenwriter of The Purple Mountain (based on his novel), Twin-Sun River: An American POW in China (based on his novel), The Empress Dowager and I (the unlikely love story between a British young nobleman and the all-powerful Empress Dowager Cixi), and Mandala (an adventure thriller set in China and Mongolia). Qi has published extensively in both the United States and China. He is the author of more than a dozen books. (MORE)


Jason Gandhi 10KBJason Gandhi
Visual Effects Executive Producer

Jason Gandhi is a Visual Effects technology visionary.  One of the pioneers of rendering and digital asset management technology, Jason’s software has assisted in the making of dozens of award winning movies – from Titanic to The Twilight Saga. Jason has served in visual effects R&D or as the Visual Effects Executive Producer for some of the most visually stunning movies of the last 15 years, including: X-Men;  Planet of the Apes;  X-Men 2;  Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl;  Spider-Man 2Fantastic Four;  Charlie and the Chocolate Factory;  King Kong;  X-Men: The Last Stand;  300;  Shooter; Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End . . . (MORE)


Will Thimes

Will Thimes
Corporate Secretary & Associate Producer

Will Thimes has sixteen years of experience in due diligence and finance, including structuring and assembling all aspects of private securities transactions and ensuring compliance with securities laws.  He previously practiced law in Los Angeles and represented film noir star and real life tough guy Lawrence Tierney in a lengthy film-related litigation. (MORE)