Shouhua Qi

Development Executive

A native of Nanjing (Nanking), China, Qi is the co-screenwriter of The Purple Mountain (based on his novel), Twin-Sun River: An American POW in China (based on his novel), The Empress Dowager and I (the unlikely love story between a British young nobleman and the all-powerful Empress Dowager Cixi), and Mandala (an adventure thriller set in China and Mongolia).

Qi has published extensively in both the United States and China on academic as well as transcultural issues.  He is the author of more than a dozen books, including fiction, nonfiction, literary translation, and scholarly monographs.

Qi’s first novel, When the Purple Mountain Burns (2005), is about the Rape of Nanking, a horrendous tragic event that happened in his hometown in the winter of 1937-38.  Both the English and the two Chinese editions have been well received.  The simplified Chinese edition published in Shanghai was one of China’s “Top 100 WWII-Themed Books” nationally recommended to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of WWII (2005), and the only original novel on the prestigious list.  The traditional Chinese edition has been a best-seller in Hong Kong.

Qi’s second novel, Twin-Sun River: An American POW in China, is about an American Korean War POW who chose to go to China after the armistice (1953) and was caught in the turbulent history of modern China until Nixon’s visit to China (1972).

Among Qi’s other publications are Red Guard Fantasies and Other Stories (2007), The Pearl Jacket and Other Stories: Contemporary Chinese Flash Fiction (2008), Bridging the Pacific: Searching for Cross-Cultural Understanding between the United States and China (2000), and The Well-Beloved (1998).  Qi’s most recent books are Western Literature in China and the Translation of a Nation (2012) and The Brontë Sisters in Other Worlds (2014), both published by Palgrave Macmillan.

Qi is Professor of English and Coordinator of Graduate Studies in English at Western Connecticut State University.